I have decided to do a dietary experiment.

I am sceptical about most diets that are heavily marketed and promoted on TV and in magazines as they seem like nothing more than basic calorie control by proxy – e.g eat nothing more than cabbages for a week and guess what? You’ll lose weight!

Well, duh!

So, and this is no joke – I have credible witnesses – I am going on a diet of nothing more than KitKat peanut butter chunkies for a week.


I shall report my results in scientific fashion in due course.

2 thoughts on “Diet”

  1. OH MY GOD! I didn’t even know you could get KitKat chunky with peanut butter! I tend to close my eyes TIGHT when I pass both the chocolate and cheese isle. Well Mr O’Meara, you’ll be pleased to know, Peanut butter is great for weight loss! I loist 1/2 stone by swopping my girly low fat brekkie for wholemeal toast and peanut butter! it fills you up and satisfies sugar cravings whilst being incredibly good for you despite high fat content (no i dont work for sun-pat). so as long a sits one poriton a day for breakfast, its all good! (christ i want one of those choc bars)

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