Experiences With a .co Domain Name

Last year I took the plunge and invested in some .co domain names. .co is the country code for Columbia but there was a lot of hype around the extension with many people predicting a new domain name gold rush.

For me I was just interested in acquiring a few domains that I knew I could develop and which were memorable and content specific.

The first site we launched under the .co was DogTips.co


My reservations about this domain extension were:

1. I always like to evaluate a domain name based on how memorable it would be if you told someone over the radio. I feared that saying "DogTips.co" would have many people just assuming I missed the .uk off the end.

2. In terms of looking at the domain, I feared that many people would assume the domain was missing an 'm' and was really a .com

Both of the fears remain. If given a choice, a solid .com domain would always be my first choice. But the real dynamite .com's are all gone unless you have a BIG budget to acquire one.

So the acid test now is how well the domain ranks, does Google have any built in prejudices toward the name that will lead to a downgrade vs a comparable .com and do people actually care that they are visiting a .co rather than a .com or .co.uk

Well it seems Google likes the site – we have established some solid rankings.
It also seems people don't seem to care too much about the ending – traffic is very solid.

So the only question remaining is can we get the site to no 1 for the chosen search term ('dog tips') and will the site be a commercial success.

I'll report back when we have some results!

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  1. Hi Ryan, I am the animal reporter with the Herald Sun newspaper (News Ltd) in Melbourne, Australia, and keen to speak to you to replicate Daily Mail article about lessons dogs can teach humans.

    Don’t suppose you happen to be awake? Cheers mate, Kelly.

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