I’d Like to Have a Loft Conversion

So we recently had a bit of a clear out and a tidy up and that lead to me having to put a load of old paperwork and files up in the loft.

Normally I’m only ever in the loft to get down or put back the Christmas decorations and I find I’m either too excited or too depressed to really notice what’s in my loft or how it spans pretty much the entire area of my house. On this recent visit to the loft though, I had a good look around and thought how cool it would be to have a really stylish / trendy loft conversion.

I absolutely LOVE the open brickwork type conversions but saw this image on south london loft conversions that looked like some sort of medieval castle type affair and thought how cool it would be to have a normal house, but a stairway to the loft, unveiling a totally different style of room – like something out of a Knights of the Round Table era castle.

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