The Downside to Owning Female Dogs

I wanted to 'test' out how well my dogs would take to being looked after by my parents.

They being very spoiled dogs, whenever I've gone away in the past I've always had someone they know come and live in my (their) house so they have very little disruption. Asking my parents to actually move home for a while to look after my dogs when I'm away seemed a bit much so I thought, in order to satisfy my own mind, I'd let Mia and Chloe go and stay at my Mum and Dad's house for a 'test' run.

We set the date.

Mia came in season.

Mission aborted.

Waited for Mia to come out of season….set the date….

….Chloe came in season.

Those two dogs – clearly – understand what's going on and they're deliberately scuppering all attempts for this mission to be a success!

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  1. Laura April 11, 2011
  2. Ryan April 11, 2011

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