Toledo Blade Article on Pit Bulls

Ohio’s 22-year-old dangerous-dog law defines a “vicious dog” to be one that has killed or seriously injured another person, has killed another dog, or belongs to a breed “commonly known as a pit bull dog.”

A bad rap
The United Kingdom, however, bans not only the “pit bull type,” but also the Dogo Argentina, the Japanese Tosa, and the Fila Brasileiro, all breeds with some reputation for being trained as fighters or as guards. According to Mr. O’Meara, the other breeds never had much of a presence in the United Kingdom.

Specific recognized breeds such as the Staffordshire bull terrier and American Staffordshire terrier, close relatives to the “pit bull,” are not specifically outlawed in the United Kingdom. But if they have broad chests and short hair that fit the general perception of a “pit bull type,” they can fall under the law, Mr. O’Meara said.


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