K9 Magazine Wins at Specialist Media Show

I am delighted and very proud to announce that K9 Magazine was recognised by the Specialist Media Show with an award for our digital magazines innovation.
I will write a more comprehensive report of the event – where I was also speaking – shortly, but wanted to put a couple of pictures on my blog in the meantime. 



Recognition from the publishing industry is something everyone at K9 Magazine is thrilled about.

Media Coverage 2009

I’m trying to become more of a record keeper. I’m normally terrible at writing things down and keeping a track of things that have now passed. I prefer to look forward rather than back. However, I’ve decided that’s no excuse for poor record keeping so I’m going to try and change that. Starting with an index of media contribution from me in 2009 – which is by no means a complete list as I – predictably – forget to write down everything, especially on busy media days where I’d be doing several calls in a short space of time. It does not include written press.


3rd: Paper Review – BBC Radio Nottingham (Breakfast show)
14th: Re: Dangerous dogs – BBC Radio Nottingham (Frances Finn mid-morning)


9th: Re: Dangerous dogs – BBC Radio Wales (news)
9th: Re: Dangerous dogs – BBC Radio Northants (Lunchtime)
16th Re: Vet fees – BBC Inside Out (filming)
21st Paper review – BBC Radio Nottingham (Breakfast show)


3rd: Re Dog attacks – BBC Radio Derby (Breakfast show with Shane O’Connor)
4th: Re What your dog says about you – BBC Radio Nottingham (Frances Finn)


25th: Paper review – BBC Radio Nottingham (Breakfast show)


22nd: Re dog training – BBC Radio Northamptonshire
28th: Re dangerous dogs – BBC Radio Nottingham (news)
29th: Re dangerous dogs – BBC WM


18th: Doing business online – BBC Working Lunch (filming)
20th: Paper review – BBC Radio Nottingham (Breakfast show)


9th: Re: Bruce in Northern Ireland – U105 (morning show)
15th: Re pet travel – BBC Radio Northamptonshire (Bob Warmsley)
21st: Doing business online – BBC Working Lunch (aired)
22nd: Dogs in relationships – BBC Radio Nottingham (Frances Finn)
24th: Bring Bruce home – BBC Radio Cambridgeshire (Sue Marchant)


3rd: Re Dangerous dogs – BBC Radio Derby (Breakfast show)
10th: Re Canine intelligence – BBC Radio Nottingham (Drive time)
10th: Re Canine intelligence – BBC Radio 2 (Chris Evans show)
24th: Re Bruce / Northern Ireland – 4FM
24th: Re Canine intelligence – BBC Three Counties (Breakfast show)
24th: Re Canine intelligence – 4FM (Drive time)


2nd: Re car safety and pets – BBC Radio Northants (Lunchtime show)
3rd: General dog issues – BBC Radio Nottingham (Frances Finn)
9th: Dog behaviour – BBC Radio Wales (Drive time)
17th: Re Dog attack – BBC Radio Sheffield (Breakfast show)


26th: Re Better British Dog Owners – BBC Radio Nottingham (Morning show)


9th: Better British Dogs – BBC Radio Cambridgeshire (Sue Marchant)
12th: Re Dogs as fashion items – BBC Radio 4 (Woman’s Hour)
30th: Re: Dangerous Dogs and dog attacks – BBC Radio Derby (Drive time)
30th: Re: Dangerous Dogs and dog attacks – BBC Radio 5Live (Richard Bacon)


1st: Re: Dangerous Dogs and dog attacks – BBC Radio Derby (Morning)
1st: Re: Dangerous Dogs and dog attacks – GMTV
3rd: Better British Dogs – BBC Radio Kent (Drive time)
9th: Better British Dogs – BBC Radio Nottingham (Frances Finn)
14th: Better British Dogs – BBC Radio Leeds (Breakfast)
14th: Better British Dogs – BBC Radio Cambridgeshire (Sue Marchant)
15th: Status dogs – London LBC (Jenny Barnett)

K9 Magazine In Publishing Magazine

For some former print titles, the switch to digital edition is a step into the unknown, is not always done for the right reasons, and is done with little imagination. For K9 Magazine, a print title from an overwhelmingly digital stable, it was like coming home. Ryan O’Meara explains why they ditched their flagship print magazine and what they hope to achieve from its digital rebirth.

I think we’ve done absolutely everything back to front in publishing. From day one, we did things the wrong way round, always have.

K9 Media, the publisher behind K9 Magazine and a portfolio of some 40+ digital properties (that’s the fancy term for websites so I have learned) was started back in 1999.

We were / are a digital media company. But in 2001, K9 Magazine was launched. I have never denied the fact that K9 Magazine was born of the result of advertisers telling us how much they “loved what we’re doing, we just don’t really have an online marketing strategy at present. Do you have any print media?”

It took us seven issues to get K9 Magazine right and we even had to go out and get additional investment to sustain the company after this hungry new inky addition ate all of our cash in a way that our digital children never did. When we did get the magazine right though, we really got it right. It grew fast. TV coverage, major, world-exclusive celebrity interviews, brand recognition, we made a magazine that I became very proud of. Despite this, I still couldn’t get as passionate about print as I was about pixels.

Read the full article here

BBC Three Counties and 4FM (Ireland)

Today’s media has been two dog items for BBC Three Counties (always a pleasure) and 4FM, an Irish-based station which described itself to me as a ‘the offspring of what would happen if Jeremy Vine and Chris Evans had a baby’.

The Three Counties piece was an item on the importance and value of socialisation for dogs (and their owners) – they asked me which breed I thought was the most intelligent, I said Afghan Hound, purely to buck this trend which keeps seeing them ranked low on the intelligence tests. Unintelligent is not an accurate reflection of the Afghan’s I’ve met and I think some people like to call a dog’s intelligence in to question just when that dog doesn’t do what they want – non compliant is not the same as unintelligent!

The 4FM item was discussing the survey of two weeks ago which contrasted canine intelligence to that of a two-year old child.

Something which I don’t agree with!

Me, Mia & Natasha’s Sofa

Cheeky Mia became the first Rottweiler to take a seat on Natasha Kaplinsky’s sofa. She behaved herself, as she always does when on TV, and didn’t trump once.

Note my ‘Rescue Me’ by DogsBlog T-shirt. I am lucky enough to have a limited edition, one-of-a-kind sample and it attracted a lot of interest from some of the TV people who wanted to know where you could get one. At the time I had to disappoint them as they weren’t available, but some exclusives are now on sale at www.dogsblog.com/rescueme

BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour

I’m trying to gather all my press clippings in one place so I can have a record of them when the day comes that all media refuse to speak to me and my life becomes a shell of an existence no longer defined by the absurd notion that I carry about with me that because some journalists some times ask me what I think about (dog) things that it gives me a place in the world. It’ll happen sooner than later. Especially when I say the ‘C’ word on children’s TV. Ahh well.

Here’s one from the past. Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour.

It’s to do with dogs, I know that, but I swear I do not recall what I was there for. I just remember not saying very much.


BBC Working Lunch

An interesting day.

Filming for BBC Working Lunch programme – to air in a couple of weeks – discussing online business, the digital revolution and how to make money out of the WWW.

Probably put a good 3 hours of filming in. That will end up as 3 minutes!

Yesterday I did some filming (again for the BBC) on the thorny issue of vet fees. This is a topic I’ve spoken about before for another programme, however I always retain a degree of concern until these things actually air. It is very, very easy to be ‘misrepresented’ (sometimes intentionally, often not).

For example:

“I believe a number of vets are absolutely overcharging their customers and they are giving the industry a really difficult image problem to overcome. However, they are the tiniest minority and the vast majority of vets are amazing, do incredible work and we’d be in a hell of a mess without them”

can easily become…

“I believe a number of vets are absolutely overcharging their customers and they are giving the industry a really difficult image problem to overcome.”

So, we’ll see.