BBC Three Counties and 4FM (Ireland)

Today’s media has been two dog items for BBC Three Counties (always a pleasure) and 4FM, an Irish-based station which described itself to me as a ‘the offspring of what would happen if Jeremy Vine and Chris Evans had a baby’.

The Three Counties piece was an item on the importance and value of socialisation for dogs (and their owners) – they asked me which breed I thought was the most intelligent, I said Afghan Hound, purely to buck this trend which keeps seeing them ranked low on the intelligence tests. Unintelligent is not an accurate reflection of the Afghan’s I’ve met and I think some people like to call a dog’s intelligence in to question just when that dog doesn’t do what they want – non compliant is not the same as unintelligent!

The 4FM item was discussing the survey of two weeks ago which contrasted canine intelligence to that of a two-year old child.

Something which I don’t agree with!

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