Kim O’Meara

On April 24th, 2021 my beautiful wife, best friend, soul mate and co-founder of every venture I’ve ever undertaken, Kim O’Meara, passed away at the age of 38.

Kim was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia in September of 2020.

I spent 25 years of my life alongside Kim. We met through dogs and our mutual passion for dogs was the reason our first business venture, Total Pet Publishing, was always going to be one dedicated to something we cared so deeply about.

In 2007, Kim and I co-founded a dog adoption website called, the aim of which was really very simple: to produce as many successful dog adoption outcomes for dogs residing in UK rescue shelters.

Kim was utterly devoted to the founding principles of — to simply help find new homes for as many dogs in UK dog rescue shelters as we possibly could. If we only managed to change the life of one dog and one person, that would have been enough. We’d have considered it a success.

As of May 2021, has helped more than 60,000 dogs find a new home. That is a legacy to be proud of.

Kim worked tirelessly on’s mission of finding homes for rescue dogs. She was utterly committed to helping dogs and she changed many lives.

Each year helps an average of 4,282 dogs find a new home.

Since Kim’s death, I have made it my singular mission in life to carry on the work we began. Any revenue I generate through working with clients is automatically ploughed in to the dog adoption mission Kim and I began in 2007.

Kim achieved many, many things in her all-too short life. Far too many to list here but, in my opinion at least, by far her greatest achievement is the glowing impression she left on everyone who ever had any interaction with her. She was a truly selfless person. Dedicated, outrageously funny and the gap she has left, not just in my world, is immense. I couldn’t possibly be any prouder to have known her and been able to share my life with her.

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Selected Tributes

I was absolutely heartbroken to hear such sad news about Kim. Although we never actually met, we worked together for 10 years, and I admired her passion with everything that she did. I thought she was the most special person I have ever had the honour to work with, and will be deeply missed by myself and the team.

I’m so so sorry.. I don’t even know what to say.. Kim was so amazing and in the short time I met her, she was just so lovely and charismatic, loved her life with you and the dogs.
Leilana Dowdling

I am so terribly sorry to hear the news and I send my condolences and best wishes to you and the rest of Kim’s family and friends. Such a devastating loss, she will be greatly missed.
Lots of love
Sarah Jayne Dunn

Kim was such a dedicated, true friend to dogs. Her incredible passion for wanting to help shone through in the times we spoke.
Peter Egan

There are few people you come across in business who make a real genuine impression and immediately warm to and Kim was one of those people. As well as her huge knowledge, enthusiasm and passion for your great work with rescue dogs it was her obvious kindness, warmth and modesty that immediately struck me (a rare combination these days).

I am so sad & sorry to hear about Kim. A huge shock to hear this news.

Kim was always so brilliant, polite, honest & easy to work with. We get so many requests from so many people but there was something about Kim that made it easy to say YES when she came calling to work with our clients. You trusted her instantly and believed her when she said how much she cared about what she did. Everyone here at InterTalent, staff & clients, send our love to you and Kim’s family. Looking forward to hearing more about how Kim’s incredible work will continue in her name.
ALEX SEGAL, Managing Director & Talent Agent. InterTalent Rights Group

Truly sorry to hear this devastating news. Kim has created a beautiful legacy. Thoughts are with you. Keep up the amazing work that Kim and you all started.
Pen Farthing
Founder and CEO; the Nowzad charity

We are devastated at the news regarding Kim.
She and everyone at dogsblog have been a massive help to us and our dogs over the years. Words are never enough to heal the loss but our deepest condolences from all at Bid to Save a Stray

We are all so sorry to hear this devastating news. Kim was a wonderful woman and DogsBlog has helped us find homes for many of our dogs over the years, for that we will be forever grateful. We are sending you our deepest condolences.
Freshfields Animal Rescue

Please accept sincere condolences from all the team at K-9 Angels. We will remember Kim with such affection, she was instrumental in finding our long stay kennel boy Basil the most wonderful home. Thanks to Kim he is living his best happy ever after life. Sending you strength to continue, and hope for the days ahead.
Team K-9 Angels

We are so so sorry at Yappy Ever After. Kim was so kind and welcoming to us and nothing was too much if we needed a bit of help. She was so friendly and you could tell how proud she was of Dogsblog – and rightly so. Thinking of you all at this incredibly sad time.
Louise and the Yappy team.

So sorry to hear this sending my condolences to you all. Dogs Blog has been so instrumental in helping rescue dogs find a new home all over the country. Kim was always so helpful.
Saving Yorkshire Strays

I am so very sorry to hear of Kim’s devastating loss. She was a very special and courageous lady and my heart breaks for you. What a legacy she has left.
Davina. RSPCA.

I am absolutely saddened by the loss of Kim, this truly is just so very sad words can’t express. We do hope you are ok and that we all send our warmest wishes and sincere condolences to you. We shall honour Kim by saying a few words on our FB page because we have used Dogsblog for many years and have rehomed quite a few dogs because of it.
I never met Kim but we communicated on a regular basis and you get a feel for someone and she was alway so helpful and lovely.
RSPCA Macclesfield

I know Kim was very highly regarded amongst my colleagues. We are sending our condolences to you and your family. Kim’s legacy will live on.
Freshfields Wales

On behalf of everyone here at Oldies Club, please accept our sincere condolences on the tragic loss of your wife, Kim. We are all well aware of the great work that Kim did to help promote and rehome many dogs in need and she will be greatly missed. We are so pleased to hear that you have made the decision to carry on with, a wonderful tribute to Kim’s dedication and passion. We look forward to continuing our rehoming work with your support.
Oldies Club

We are all so very sorry to hear this terrible news. What a terrible loss for the rescue dog world. All of us at Spanish Stray Dogs send our deepest condolences to you and to all of Kim’s human and canine family. May she rest in peace knowing that she made a difference for so so many dogs.
Spanish Stray Dogs

Oh no this is terrible news, were so sorry and thinking of you and all the team. Kim will be greatly missed.
All Dogs Matter

I am so so sorry to hear of the loss of your lovely Kim,i have no doubt you will be devastated and your world rocked. Kim was, a wonderful Lady, and has left an amazing legacy. I have missed my communications with her, and shall continue to do so. Though my sadness will not be a patch on yours. Be assured you are not alone, my thoughts are with you at this sad time. If I can do anything to help you please do say.
Lizzie’s Barn Dog Sanctuary

I am very very sorry to hear this – never met Kim but have been using dogsblog for years we have found many amazing homes – and Kim has always supported us when we have had a particularly difficult dog etc – she must have been a very lovely lady so sending my condolences to yourself at this sad time – we have done a tribute on our page too – thinking of you all and thank you for what you do it really makes a difference
Starfish Dog Rescue

We are so very sorry to hear of your sad news and please take comfort that heaven now has a new angel.
All of those beautiful dogs that have passed over the rainbow bridge will be looking after her so do have that picture in your thoughts. Take care and thank you for sharing your sad news — our condolences are with you and you will be in our prayers.
JAWT team.

We are so sorry to hear of your loss, this is really sad news to hear. She was clearly extremely dedicated to helping dogs and all rescues like ourselves are very grateful for this. Great to hear that you are able to continue Dogsblog, I’m sure Kim would be very proud of this.
RSPCA Radcliffe Animal Centre

On behalf of all the team here at the RSPCA Lancashire East Branch we would like to pass on our condolences to you & all of Kim’s family & friends. We are so very sorry for your loss. We have over the years had such good responses from adopters through dogsblog & have in fact rehomed some of our harder to home dogs through dogs blog so our gratitude will always be there to Kim for her help & assistance with that. I’m also pleased to hear that dog’s blog will continue in Kim’s memory what a lovely way to remember her always.
Again our thoughts are with you all.

We are so sorry to hear your devastating news. A few of us have been in contact with Kim over the past few years, and although we never met her in person, we are very sad that a member of our animal welfare family’ is no longer with us. We are all thinking of you at this sad time and sending our love your way.
Hopefully will go from strength to strength and continue to help animals across the country in Kim’s memory.
Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home

I’m so very sorry for this devastating loss. Our thoughts are with you and your family and please know that Kim helped rehome many of our animals here at the Cotswolds Dogs and Cats Home.

We are so sorry to hear of your loss of Kim. We are also sorry that we never got to meet her. Pleased though that her work and name will carry on through Dogsblog.
Barnsley And District Animal Welfare