I’ve given talks to various audiences on dogs, business topics, digital marketing & sometimes I’ve combined all three; the business of digital marketing in the global pet care industry.

I’ve performed speaking engagements on behalf of:

  • National Dog Warden Association (canine aggression / why dogs kill)
  • Jerry Green Dog Rescue (understanding common dog myths)
  • Professional Publishers Association (paywalls in digital media)
  • Second Wednesday (digital marketing)
  • & many more

Note: I get quite a lot of requests to talk to audiences about many different dog issues. My particular areas of interest are on how to promote responsible dog ownership, the many benefits of dog adoption & how to better understand canine aggression / dog bite prevention. I have written & spoken extensively on these subjects for free. In the interests of clarity, I have to reluctantly decline nine out of 10 requests to speak on dog topics unless it’s a talk for a professional audience as my time is extremely limited.

On business, digital media & online marketing topics my fee scale is £2,500 – £7,500 depending on topic, audience, event budget.

Topics I have covered previously include:

  • An algorithmic approach to modern publishing
  • Understanding digital paywalls
  • Building online subscription models
  • How I generated more than 1bn page views with zero advertising spend
  • Why nine out of 10 businesses are doing social media wrong
  • Why traditional businesses need to understanding publishing

As the founder of several digital media businesses, I have twenty years experience in conducting commerce online. I understand subjects such as SEO, online advertising, digital marketing & revenue models in an Internet age. I’ve worked with many hundreds of clients from some of the world’s largest brands (Mars, Nestle, P&G, Bayer, Pfizer), top flight media agencies, medium sized industrial companies, start-ups & small businesses.

Workshops & Seminars

If your organisation would like me to hold a workshop or seminar on digital media / online marketing strategies for a commercial audience, please contact me to discuss your objectives. I can help your teams better understand & implement digital marketing techniques from my two decades experience operating web-based businesses & implementing a wide range of campaigns on behalf of companies in multiple sectors.

Speaking Opportunities
If you would like me to consider a speaking engagement feel free to get in touch.