Ryan O’Meara

digital media co-founder, ex-professional dog trainer, speaker, media commentator

I’m an ex-professional dog trainer. Founded my first digital media company in 1999. Won some awards. Authored three books. Give talks. Sometimes appear on TV & radio. Proud to be the UK’s World Animal Day Ambassador.

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I began a professional career training dogs at the age of 16. With a lifelong passion for all things canine, dog training was truly my dream job. The only career I ever wanted, for as far back as I can remember being alive, was to be a dog trainer, this despite the fact I grew up in a home with no dogs. Read about how I became a dog trainer and meet the dog who changed my life and the lives of more than 60,000 rescue dogs.

Read some of my dog articles here.

In 2000, at the age of 24, I co-founded Total Pet Publishing alongside my wife, Kim O’Meara. Our company publishes titles such as K9 Magazine, Total Dog Magazine and Total Cat Magazine.

The company has picked up several awards including the prestigious Digital Media Pioneer award.

I’ve worked with global brands, implementing profitable digital media strategies & online marketing campaigns, learned from my two decades of experience driving more than 1bn organic page views to our own websites.

I believe that the core of every modern business should be a publisher’s mindset. Content, traffic, engagement. What are these things if not just words and pictures designed to attract and retain a specific audience of people? Whether you’re selling dog food or financial products, if you aim to be seen and heard online, you have to understand digital media publishing.

To coin a phrase, I eat my own dog food. I understand online advertising because we’ve sold inventory for 20 years. I understand what does work, what used to work and what’s about to work. I understand SEO because it’s at the very foundation of our entire business. I understand content because we’ve been producing it for print, online, video and social media every day since 1999.

I’m a contributor to many industry publications, talking about web-related business strategies. I have given talks and seminars advising companies on how to make effective use of digital media opportunities across a wide variety of industry sectors.

Some Of The Brands I’ve Worked With

Animal HealthPet NutritionRetail & Insurance
BayerMars PetcarePet-Supermarket
MerialPurinaMedic Animal
NovartisFriskiesAnimal Friends
AdaptilAutarkyDirect Line
Animal Health TrustRoyal CaninGeorge Barclay
BeapharHill’s Pet NutritionThe Co-op
CVS GroupPet MunchiesNFU Mutual
Boehringer IngelheimNutrimentTesco
MerckNature’s MenuFurbo

My Books

I have written three books about dogs.


“Ryan joined me for a radio day which received coverage from over 20 radio stations reaching nearly 6 million listeners -the day was a great success with Ryan’s passion and expertise coming through, enabling us to get our message across clearly and with authority. This was just one example of a very positive experience working with Ryan who combines passion and expertise with a great understanding of the commercial requirements of a partner.”
Andrew Nevitt
Co-operative Insurance

Can I help with your project?

I’m entirely focussed on one mission in my life. To produce as many successful dog adoption outcomes as my time on this earth will allow. That’s it. That is what motivates me to get out of bed each day, that is why I work, that is why I write and that is why I sometimes accept speaking engagements.

I feel it’s valuable to be entirely upfront and transparent about what drives me. I have been working with dogs since I was 16 years old in 1992. I do have a lot of hands-on experience in the area of driving traffic to websites and producing engaging content. Since 2000, our websites have won awards and received over 1bn page views, all via organic traffic.

I may be able to help your company; whether it’s SEO, algorithmic publishing models, conversion or social media strategy. In return, I will charge a fee that I can reinvest in to the dog adoption mission started by my wife and I in 2007.

So that’s the pitch. If you’d like to use my 20+ years of experience working in the digital media sector, I will be happy to hear from you about your project. Or, if you’re feeling generous and would like to help a dog find a home, all donations go toward producing positive dog adoption outcomes.