Business Books That Inspire Me Part I

The first business book I would like to mention as being truly inspirational is called “Ready, Fire, Aim” and is written by Michael Masterson.

The reason I particularly liked this book is because its key, central message is something I could relate to in myself and is something I can see – all too often – in up and coming business owners. The title of the book somewhat gives away what that message is which, to me, reads very simply as: Stop dicking about, get on with it!

I used to be the world’s worst for tinkering. I couldn’t launch something because it was never ‘quite perfect’. I would find myself paralysed with little doubts about a new project or product that would play on my mind and all the while I’d be doing that, the clock would be ticking.

Does this sound familiar?

“I’ll be able to get on to the marketing just as soon as…..”

“I will book the advertising campaign once I’ve just…….”

“We can start actively selling this once we’ve just……”

“I can move on to sales just after I’ve……”

That was me.

I’d tinker the hell out of a project and would invariably take so much time procrastinating – although I didn’t accept or acknowledge that was what I was doing, but it WAS – that by the time I was ready to go with the launch, the moment of inspiration that caused me to actually set up the project or venture had long gone. In many cases I’d over analysed so much I’d not only have lost inspiration, I’d convinced myself of all the weaknesses and had demotivated myself.

This book, very clearly tells you to stop dicking, start doing. It’s a MUST read – but more importantly – it’s a must DO.

In fact, if you have something you want to do and are saying to yourself “Ooh, that book looks good. I’ll read that and as soon as I have……” – then you DEFINITELY need this book (but you should REALLY be doing that thing you said you’d do!).

I have to admit, I still think that even I over analyse still, to this day – and that’s despite the fact that most people think my biggest strength is the sheer volume of projects and ventures we have on the go at any one time (which is NEVER less than 50).

So what I do is this; if I ever find myself scratching my head, putting fingers on my chin or leaning back in my chair for ‘thinking time’ I realise I’ve gone wrong.

A good plan can take 3 minutes or 3 years but once you KNOW it’s a good plan, get out and do it. Don’t let your mind convince you otherwise once you actually get the wheels moving. If it’s a bad plan, kill it before you actually get to the action stage of the project – but if you’re IN the action stage then you should have already decided your plan is a good one, so get on a DO IT!

Ready, Fire, Aim is such a great ethos and it suits me down to the ground.

Get it ready, fire it, aim it.

Think about it!


I will post more of my favourite, most inspiring business books here on the site soon.

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