Can Dogs Use Logic? A Highly Interesting Read

How about this for some fancy talkin'?

” Chrysippus , albeit in other things as disdainfull a judge of the con- dition of beasts as any other Philosopher, considering the earliest movings of the dog, who comming into a path that led three sever- all wayes in search or quest of his Master, whom he had lost, or in pursuit of some prey that hath escaped him, goeth senting first one way and then another, and having assured himself of two, because he findeth not the tracke of what he hunteth for, without more adoe furiously betakes himselfe to the third; he is enforced to confesse that such a dog must necessarily discourse thus with himselfe, I have followed my Masters footing hitherto, hee must of necessity pass by one of these three wayes; it is neither this nor that, then consequently hee is gone this other .’ And by this conclusion or dis- course assuring him selfe, comming to the third path, hee useth his sense no more, nor sounds it any longer, but by the power of rea- son suffers himselfe violently to be carried through it. This meere logicall tricke, and this use of divided and co

So, it seems, for as long as there has been dogs, there has been vigorous debate about what makes them tick, how they think and what learning systems they deploy.

Arguing about dogs is an ancient pastime that precedes Julius Caesar, Alexander The Great, Jesus and even The Rolling Stones.

Read the whole piece here, if you're interested in some brilliant wordage and like reading about dog related theories, you'll enjoy it

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