Launches – They’re Like an Interesting Car Journey

I love launches.

I think I love the launch of a new product or service almost as much as when a business venture starts to become successful.

They’re hard work but it’s the unknown that makes it so exciting.

I suppose it’s like a car journey. When you set out to go to a new place you have a mixture of excitement, anticipation and a healthy dose of nerves that nag away at you, reminding you that you might actually get lost if you don’t keep your wits about you. Not many people actually like the idea – or the reality – of being lost.

An established business is more like the car journey you’ve made before, several times – you could almost do it on auto-pilot. But that’s dangerous.

Sometimes you want to take a more scenic route just to keep it fresh and interesting – which can be dangerous because you might REALLY get lost, which would be totally stupid if you were only doing it to give yourself a buzz! So far better to maybe let other people know the route and they can get the excitement from it being a new journey for them. Meanwhile, you need to find somewhere else to go. Which in turn makes the original route you stopped travelling even more interesting when you decide to go back to it.

In summary; launches – they’re great for keeping you fresh and on your game but if you have no intention (or ability) to actually get to the end of the journey, you’re probably better off not getting on the road in the first place.

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Ryan O'Meara is a former professional dog trainer, author, speaker & founder of multiple digital media companies.

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