News Hounds

Today I received a box from the USA.

It contained my book.

My first ever forray in to the world of writing for a publisher who wasn’t, well, me!

It’s been probably about a year since the book was completed, so unlike when the magazine comes back from the printer and the fatigue of working on the thing makes you virtually sick of the sight of it by the time you get it back in its hard copy form, I wasn’t totally against the idea of actually sitting and reading through the book!

It made me laugh. I think it’s a really, genuinely fun book for anyone who ‘gets’ dogs and ‘gets’ what dogs are really all about. They make us laugh. They cheer us up. That’s why I agreed to do the book. It celebrates the dog and his ability to lift our mood.

News Hounds - Ryan O'Meara

If you’d like to buy the book, I do hope you enjoy it!


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Ryan O'Meara is a former professional dog trainer, author, speaker & founder of multiple digital media companies.

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