Pink Dog Poo


It is the scourge of communities across Scotland and beyond, and no council has escaped censure for failing to clean up its act. Now one local authority has unveiled a novel solution to the problem of dog dirt — spraying it bright pink in a bid to shame guilty owners.

But, according ‘Ryan O’Mara’, who is the editor-in-chief of dog owners’ magazine K9 and chair of the Coalition for Improved Dog Ownership Standards…

“While it is well-intentioned, this type of scheme will not deter the sort of irresponsible people who allow their dogs to foul this way.

“The only way to stop this problem is to say, ‘If you are caught, it will cost you £2,500’.”

Well, alls I know is – Ryan O’Meara is the editor-in-chief of K9 Magazine (not ‘K9’), he is the chief exec of the Coalition for Improved Dog Ownership Standards (not the chair) – but he DOES think that spraying poo pink is not really the answer to addressing the problem of irresponsible dog owners who allow their pets to foul the streets although he’s not entirely confident enough to place such a precise figure on the fine that will make dog owners think twice about clearing up after their animals.

Source (The Scotsman)

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